Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engine Optimisation is about convincing search engines (mostly Google) that your website has the highest relevance for a customer searching for services like yours

It is not the 'dark arts' hinted at by some web writers, but a logical process and includes many factors

You can spend a great deal of money to Google in PPC (Pay Per Click) etc., or have a well written (organic) website properly dealing with these issues:

Googe Icon bullet Relevant Text Content - articles including significant information and keywords GOOD CONTENT IS KEY
Googe Icon bullet Keywords in 'meta-tags', page title, Headings and image descriptions - regularly updated
Googe Icon bullet External Links - returned links to other website (similar interest) websites
Googe Icon bullet Currency - Sites not updated ie not current, will be down-rated by Google
Googe Icon bullet Social Marketing Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc show popularity and interest
Googe Icon bullet Sitemap - submitting a Site-map to Google makes it easy for the Search Engine software to find your site
Googe Icon bullet Accuracy - Sites with spelling mistakes, bad text, broken links etc will be down-rated
Googe Icon bullet Popularity - The more potential clients click through to your site from Google, the higher the relevance rating

Other really important aspects that are not about SEO, but will have a serious adverse influence on website visitors are:

  • web-pages take too long to open - this is due to images being too large or not optimised;
  • web-pages have too much distracting movement (normally caused by web designers trying to show how clever they are) - SIMPLE IS BEST FOR SELLING
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